Sheep Movement Book

(includes Animal Medicines Records and Annual Stocktake Record)


This substantial and comprehensive record book includes the required on-farm movement records set out across two landscape A4 size pages.

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The records shown are:

  • Date of movement onto the farm / birth
  • Date of movement off the farm / death
  • Address of the holding of birth
  • Identification Mark
  • Ear tag Number
  • Replacement eartag number
  • Number of sheep moved
  • Type of sheep moved
  • Holding from which moved (with spaces for cause of death)
  • Buyer / Seller name and address
  • Market name and Lot No. if required)
  • Holding to which moved (with space for the above information)
  • Stock Sale (New owner name and address)
  • Market Lot No. (if applicable)
  • Transporter information: Name, Vehicle Registration Number, Telephone number
  • Running totals for ewes, ewe lambs, rams etc. and the final total
  • Flock count record
  • Veterinary Medicines Purchase Record
  • Animal Medicines Usage Record
  • Veterinary Visits Record
  • Annual Stocktake Record

Book specification

  • A4 size, approx. 12 x 8 inches. (297 x 210 mm)
  • High quality paper and clear printing
  • 90 pages of clearly printed records
  • Colour coded
  • Securely bound with full colour card covers.