Pig Movement Book (Schedule 2 Scotland)


Movement of pigs from a Farm - Self declaration Forms

This is a handy sized book containing 20 sets of triplicate forms with carbon copy separators. The perforated white top copy travels with the pig(s). The perforated yellow middle copy is sent to your local authority within 3 days. Your pink bottom copy is fast and secure in the book as your record. The forms record your declaration that no pigs or other listed animals have been moved onto the farm in the last twenty days before you propose to move your pig(s) off the holding.

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The forms record:

  • The date of movement
  • Number of pigs moved
  • Description of pigs moved
  • Identification marks
  • The name, address, postcode, C.P.H. number of the premises from which the pigs are to be moved
  • The name, address, postcode, C.P.H. number of the premises to which the pigs are moved
  • The declarations have to be signed by the owner of the pigs.

Book specification

  • A5 landscape size, approx. 8½ x 6 inches. (210 x 147 mm).
  • Clearly printed with plenty of room for your notes and observations.
  • Secure spine bound with card covers.