Animal Transport Certificates


A cab handy sized animal hauliers record book of stock carried on each journey. The records are clear and easy to complete. The book contains 50 certificates in its 100 pages.

The following officials may ask to see completed records:

  • Trading Standards Officers
  • Customs Officers
  • Ferry Loading Officers
  • Police Officers
  • Veterinary Officers
  • Animal Health Inspectors

The records should be kept for possible inspection for at least 6 months.

Price: £7.95

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Book specification

  • A5 landscape size, approx. 8½ x 6 inches. (210 x 147 mm).
  • High quality paper and clear printing
  • Card covers and secure spine binding.

The book includes spaces for the following records:

  • Owner of the animals name and address
  • Animals carried, species and number.
  • Address of place of departure (First Load).
  • Date and time of first loading.
  • Date and time of departure.
  • Final destination address.
  • Address of Rest Place, start and finish time.
  • Date and time of arrival at final destination.
  • Transporters name, address, telephone number.
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Site where vehicle cleansed, time and date.
  • Name of person in charge during the journey.