V.A.T. Accounts Book


This has a different format to the V.A.T. Records book but ends up with the same final results.

The inputs (V.A.T. purchase records) and the outputs (V.A.T. sales records) are in view side by side across two A4 landscape pages. The forms are about 22 inches (570mm) wide.

Many old style account books had this format and some businesses find this format very useful and easy to complete.

The back of the book includes collected totals records for inputs and outputs and copies of the account sheets you will send to H.M. Revenue and Customs.

There are also notes pages at the back of the book where you can record any apportionments you apply to your purchases.

Price: £11.95

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Book specification

  • A4 size, approx. 12 x 8 inches. (297 x 210 mm)
  • Securely spine bound with full colour card covers.
  • 90 pages with each section colour coded.
  • Useful aid for farmers and businesses.
  • Clear and easy to fill in and provides you with a secure record to assist you with your income tax calculations.